18 April 2012

Does it worth it in the end?

When you believe that you are strong, things get better after all...

You realize that you are caught up between yourself ( you, the person that you are) and the rest of the World? What happens when, wherever you look you see so much beautiful things, but yet you realize that there's so much pain, sufferance and sadness that everything just falls apart and the beauty just gets crushed. What happens my friend, with those with a humble, carrying, good, honest heart, that you crush everyday with your ignorance and no respect? With you superiority and ignorant attitude that you have? What happens to those that pulled you out from your shit over and over again because you can't be responsible, manage your time in the right way, finish things in time and you don't even have the face to open your eyes and admit that you made a mistake, you don't have the balls to be right, you don't have the guts to stand up for just once.

We rush in life because we want to do so many things and we have so little time left and forget about the importance of small things, gestures, we don't have time. This is what we say " Sorry, I would really like to, but I'm  so busy and I will have to skip it" and then, we go home believing that we did so many things. Let me tell you something...you did indeed many things, but you forgot to be a simple human being. Between your important meetings from your busy agenda you forgot to be fair and right. But you know what is the saddest part? When you talk about the Lord and His Love, how much you believe in Him, how much you read the Bible, how much you thank God for everything that He is doing in your life and how is this the right way to go, fallow Jesus.

I'm not a priest or that person that reads 3 times a day the Bible, but I know that He is not selfish nor mean, He is not crushing anyone in His way to His own glory nor using anyone or anything to reach out the highest peak. He is not selfish. So at least have the dignity and just shut up because hearing these words coming out from these kind of peoples mouths, it just makes me throw up and wanting to tell you in the face how little you are. Hmm....it just makes me sad, that a person who talks and lives by His way is acting like this. Don't force things just for the sake of looking good in front of people. Don't forget that you don't have to have a degree to realize when somebody is fake....Pathetic rat, you make me sick.

I feel sorry for you...nothing more, nothing less. You say that "we are living in a crazy World, but at the end you are contributing to its craziness by giving an attitude to those that you can afford to. So, please, next time when you are going home, look in the mirror and think about the entire day, how and what did you do. You will be amazed what person will you discover. Shame on you....

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