18 May 2012


  There's no way that I could express all the feelings that I have inside....You can drag me through mud, pull me down with everything that you are, day in, day out, you can turn your back on me every time when you say that "I'm there for you", leave me with nothing. You can torn me into pieces and leave my numb and stunned with nothing to hope for, you can step on me and crush me like the bug that you step on by mistake on your way home, you can put endless tears to run for ever down on my face, but I will stand up every single time. I will stay on my feet, I will be strong, with more hope that this World can change....that you can change, that you still have beauty inside you, that you'll stop breaking peoples hearts, that you will realize one day what your actions are doing. That there's beauty and kindness inside you. That one day you will care, and care for real...you will care for the one's that are next to you.

Think twice when you want to say/do something, because your actions might break people...and there's no magic glue, whit which you can put them back together as they were before. You can never take back your words that cause a tragedy, you can't turn back time and fix what you messed up, you can't take them back, but you can do something to change, to make a change...to make it different this time.

 I wish you a kind heart, full with as much love as you can take, care, peace and empathy. Be beautiful and don't you forget...

01 May 2012

What does a friendship, a friend mean to you, my dear reader?

Throughout the years I realized that people are just people at the end. They are selfish, mean, reckless and they play you when you need them more then ever. Hmm... I don't even know anymore what does a "friend" mean in our days. I don't even know if we, people, we really understand the meaning of the word "friendship". Do we? Do you?

I am just looking around me...I didn't bother myself to look in other peoples life, because otherwise  I would have to write a novel on this topic, not just a simple post. So, my dear, I am pretty sure that there was at least 1 time when you asked yourself this question. And if you say "No way.  Never happened to me." We both know, that you are just lying to yourself. But, what happens when you reach that point that " I'm sorry" does not help anymore? And what happens to you, little snake that turned around and bit one of your own? What happens to those that you've disappointed? What happens to you? Do you really think that an "I'm sorry" helps? Do you really believe that you will wash the pain, disappointment, anger away just like you wash off the dirt from your car or from your cloths and get back to your pink life?  Let me tell you something...you won't. Cause there is no excuse when you harm those that were there and were true friends to you no matter what.   Not a fake hug or a "love you" makes a friend to be a friend....   A friend is there for you when is hard, when you feel you can't walk anymore, when you feel no one understands you anymore, when you feel is the end of the World and the sky is falling down on you, when you are able to keep a secret.  That is what a friend means...and so much more.

Why do we not think twice when we do something? Why do we not think about the consequences first and after take action? Why is so freaking hard to think of the person that is next to us first and after think about us? At least for once in our life??? What is so hard?
Because people are people and they do not change. They adept, they finish their behavior, their habits, but they never change. They are like the fox in the woods, sneaky and slick.

But, never mind...you, so called "friend"...maybe there's nothing that will ease the pain and disappointment that you caused once, but at least you showed your face and we know how does that face look like. Hope that you will realize one day what you have done through the years. It is just sad...and I feel sorry for those who don't realize the results of their stupid, thoughtless and childish action. One day, life will turn to you and will put in front of you a mirror and you will have to look into it. You will see what you did and then you will understand what your actions have caused it. So, just think twice next time, so called "friend",  before you say or do something because you're unconsciousness may harm your friend maybe...

The World does not spin around you, my friend don't you forget that.