19 February 2014

Who are you ?

Days are struggle and pain
Sun rises and fade's my hopes away
New day, new story, new fight
And so minutes, hours and months are passing
Demons surround this future
Letting me fall in the deep emptiness of an endless walk
Covering my path with dust
Who are you to judge anyone's path?
Who are you to put a fence around us?
Who are you to decide over someone?
Who are you anyway?

You call yourself in the firs place "friend" but you are everything that a friend is not.Words are too small to write down everything that you are and everything that you did. I feel sorry for you. With your dirty hands you massed up  lives and broth struggle and pain. But this is what selfish, weak and small people are doing.

The only thing that I wish for you is to receive what you give cause I'm not sorry for you at all and what I have in my heart is emptiness toward you.

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