12 August 2011

The same, but different....

....funny thing, I always said that I will never be the one who will have some personal "on-line" things posted on a blog, but "Never say never..."

To many things are crossing my mind, to many things are happening just not to do anything about them! This...this is a new beginning, new "home", new life and new feelings in a beautiful restless soul that took a decision and thought that "Sharing is carrying" and why not. Here, everything is possible, can happen or is just the way it has to happen :) I just write...but you will be the one who will decide what is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, right or wrong!

So...just take some time,relax, chill, sit down and just listen to you heart when you don't know what to do, say, think... Your heart is the only "person" from your entire life that will always, always, no matter what, tell you the truth, will not lie to you! Never let you down! You just need to trust it!!! 

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