09 September 2011


Did you ever feel that happiness and peace in your heart just looking at two in love persons and you just want to be part of something like that, just be so in love?

Well...when I first saw them together I knew that I want to live a love story like that too. I saw in the way that you were looking at each other…with so much love, sincerity, honesty and respect. They were breading and radiating their love. And in a strange way every single time when I looked at them my lips put a smile on my face and tears rushed in a second in my eyes. I tell you, it's a feeling that you must live, so that you can understand it. I saw, I see and most probably will see many couples, but I never "felt" or see so much love. It is just amazing!!! Is just a beautiful simple story that you can live it only once in a lifetime.
I knew right away that I want to have that happiness in my eyes one day as much as I could see her happiness in her eyes. I hoped for it, I always believed in it and after all, even if sometimes I just gave up, I lived my little love story, the love story that I always dreamt of. The love story that I knew in my heart, somewhere, that I will be part of, but I will not live it somehow. That will not happen to me something so beautiful and sweet. But it happened after all, after all the day's that passed hopping that maybe someday someone will love ME, just ME, the way I am. Nothing more, nothing less, just ME, for who I am. And it happened. I had in my eyes that happiness. But from all this feelings I will tell you some other time because this is not the reason why I wrote today.

I'm writing today to celebrate with you ( even if I'm here and you are in Budapest) I'm there with heart and soul next to you, next to the most beautiful and greatest day of your life: your wedding! You two made my day today!!! Today I'm happy because you are being part of an important event. 9th of September is your day for ever. Wish you could just "see" all the feelings that I have for you, so you could see how happy I truly am just simply because of you, because you are happy, because you are living the time of your life. I wish you from all my heart to be and live happily ever after and never lose that happiness from your eyes. That happiness that only soul mates can have. You are an example that love matters, that if two people truly love each other they make it and love will win not matter what happens and what did the future plan for them. There are no words to describe what and how I feel right now, today. I just simply want to thank you that you are who you are and be “there”, part of it as well.

Thank you Rozi Balogh & Marton Jedlicska>:D<

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