13 November 2012

Let me...

Let me dream…
Let me breathe…
Let me be.
Be fair and true…and let me go, without you.

Darkness has crossed the streets and blocks, being chased by the Fall  
Leaving behind falling stars,
Stars that were diamonds of the night for a few seconds once
Seconds that seamed eternity.

Stop chasing my dreams, you fool!
Leave and disappear from my thoughts, my wishes and my all,
Take back those bittersweet moments
And let me dream, breathe and feel alive again.

Be kind just once and give back what you took away
Give back everything, leave and don’t come back
‘Cause you drained the life out of my bones and the soul out of my heart…
God, Bless me with the wings of an ANGEL and let me dream, breath and feel again.

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