06 November 2012

What lightens you up?

           I always know what to say, in what to believe or hope for, what I want or what I am aiming for…but for a long time now, since I wrote on my blog for the last time,  I was thinking what to write about. Or at least how to write something that is just simple there inside and in a funny way, but sad at the same time, no one will ever understand and I don’t even want that. For those who know me… for me to get over something that just simply  pissed me off, or hurt me I have to talk, talk and talk over and over again about it.
There are thousands of reasons that put grey clouds on our sunny sky.

            So today on my way to work a question got into my head: „What brings sun in our dark and grey life? What brings joy and makes us smile no matter how hard life punches us in the face?” And rushing on my way to work to not to be late, I J  found so  many things around me that brought peace in my heart right away… without even to blink. What makes me smile, brings joy and peace no matter what? 
A beautiful sunrise, a full moon on a black stared sky, the innocence of a baby that walks hand in hand with her mom, a smile of a girl that is in love, my magical vanilla scrub that puts a smile on my face every single time that I use it and makes me go crazy:), people, a couple in love that hugs each other in a cold winter night, a good story, a great meal, a sexy skirt, a falling star, a kiss, a smile, a good perfume that refreshes my day,  spooning ( if you don't know what is that give a sign and I'll give you that details :d about it),  a day that without make-up I feel beautiful, pancakes, a long ride with the bike around Balaton, trips to London :d, having fun without any money, a great book, a handmade jewelry that turned out to be amazingly simple but beautiful, people that can put a smile on my face in my worst day, surprises and small gifts....and the list can continue.

            These are  a few things that went through my head. But what makes you smile, what bring joy in your heart when everything falls apart? What brings light and peace in your heart? 

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