15 December 2012


I'll be your best friend
I'll be your world, your everything...if I could.

Let me be
Let me dream, breath, smile...

Give "ME" back
Take your memories and never come back

You, shadow of my own misery
Leave my present and be my past
Be kind just once and let me be wrong
Cause I won't be your best friend no longer, not anymore.

I'll be a hopeless soul lost in this world instead,
Wondering around...
But you, you'll be on your king tron celebrating and not looking back.

You selfish, disgusting snail go and leave your prints on someone else's skirt,
Mine is pure and honest
I won't be your escape to make you relax

I won't be your best friend, your world, your everything
Not even your salvation or your protection
Angels are not walking among us anymore
But your mistakes might bight you some day or not.

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