23 February 2013

What is in for you?

I am a little bit confused here my friends….Why if we all want the same thing, to love, be loved and be happy, we chase it like some cheetah an  antelope just to make her cubs survive another day? Why are we thirsty after affection, after love… Shouldn’t we suppose to follow our path and wait for it when is the right time? And no, do not even think to pop up the question: “Yeah, right…And from where do I know when is the right time, the right person and all that?”  

        You will know deep down. If you are patient, not some “cheetah” then you will know that next to you is or is not the right person. But as we are eager to find that someone most of us are just some “cheetah’s” chasing the preys down over and over again. We struggle in a relationship that is just not meant to be, we jump over some steps that are vital in the end, we enter in a relationship that we already know deep down that from the beginning, it will not work in the first place, we go out with people that are just hungry for our “flesh” like some animal that didn’t eat for weeks. And I could go on and on. The worst part is that we will be hurt, then we, at the same time hurt at least one more person. And for what? For a good night stand so that you can tell the guys the next day how you had her? For some stupid bet with friends? For the “list”, of cheeks that you “had” to be bigger and bigger or ( in a girls case) numbers of boyfriend that you had to make your friends and people around you see how desirable and good you are?

            For  what all this crap, people? Really… If we all want the same things, being so great people ( cause yeah we all think that we are so great, until we become selfish and start to think of ourselves first and the rest it just does not matter) then why on Earth we screw, mess somebody else up? Why? It is hilarious…just pathetic for sure. If only you could be human first and just simply put yourselves in  the other person’s  shoes  then you will see that what you are about to do, what you already did maybe WAS NOT  right.

I just ask you 2 things to try at least to do…at least try and I can assure you that you will feel good, you will see the World with different eyes.

         1. Stop running! Walk the way that was drawn for you to walk and be patient and then you will be no “murderers” of angels ….then you won’t harm/cut anybodies “wings”.
         2. When you are about to do something switch places and ask yourself “How would I feel if someone does/says that to me?

            Because at the end we have one life…just one and we all have the right to be loved, to love and be happy. So my friend, don’t be the one among those who breaks, be the one that is fixing  wings because if you look closer they are broken angels with a smile on their faces and a special sparkle in their eyes…

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