31 January 2013

I miss...

I miss those times…those unforgettable times 
I miss your voice… that voice that whispers sweet joy
I miss your arms…those arms that embrace the soul and fill’s it up with hope
I miss your touch….that touch that felt like haven when the World was crushing down
I miss your smile…that smile that enlightens even the darkest sky
I miss your breath…that breath that can be felt on your skin when he holds you tight
I miss your eyes…those eyes that make you fly and feel alive
I miss your passion….that passion that was ours
I miss you love… that love that takes a lifetime to enjoy and some much more
That love that never passes…

I miss you…the ”old” you, but not you

I miss that love story that makes you feel butterflies like on the first dates
That love that washes all the pain away and makes you feel hopeless and ashamed when you lose it
That love that worth’s fighting for until the end
I miss that love that makes you smile even when you feel like crying
I miss that love that you wish you can live it too ....one day

I miss that….not this and not  you.

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