16 September 2013

To you my friend

Because there's somebody that I do care a lot and who has no Sun shining on her street. I just want you to know that I am there for you. I know that is hard, I know that people...they do not understand  and I also know that you do deserve so much better and you can do so much better. So no matter how strong your scream out loud they won't hear you. They are to busy with their life, their job and so on. They say they care but in the end well...if they would then they  would do something to make it better.

But you know what?

You will still dare to dream and hope,
You won't give up so easy
And you won't back down either
You won't feel lonely
Your tears will stop falling and your sadness will fade away

Because you are not alone
Because things will fall into their place
Because somebody up there cares about you and you know that
Because you are great
You are a beautiful person and this is not the way it will always be!
I will hold your hand no matter how bad your days will be
You hear me?

It won't happen because I won't let that happen. I will be there. I won't turn my back on you and I won't let you down. I will tell you a million times if it's necessary that it will be ok, that you have to have faith and things will get better in the end. Miracles do exist and we are not here to have a sad life. You will find your way! You will be great! You will look back to these years and just simply smile about it.

So keep your head up, put a smile on your face, keep your faith in your heart and remember that miracles do exist and the Sun will shine on your street as well and there always will be somebody there for you to kick your ass and tell you that you are great and it will be ok in the end.

Tones of hugs and kisses for you,


P.S Yes, yes! This is for you to make at least your day better>:D<