08 September 2013


Good times will come so as bad times
I will be lost sometimes so as time was once forgotten
Storms will wash away the good times 
Leavening behind nothing to hold on to
Fall will be the eternal Spring guarded by the Snow Queen of our restless souls

You might get lost on your way
And find no path back to your home again
You might forget everything and even me
Forget what we called love once on a late March day
The Sun will shine no more on your way
And tears will flood your soul in pain
Letting you forget what has waited for us so much all these years

When you will find no way out
When you will be lost 
When you will have nothing to hold on to
When you will feel that the world around you is falling apart

I will be there 
I will be still there holding your hand
Being your everything 
Being the one that holds together your world
Being the one who will always believe in you, because you are magical
I will always understand and will never let go of your hand
I will be the one who will always be there as long as I shell live
Because they all say that perfection does not exist 
But you are perfect to me and you will always be.

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