14 September 2011

Hope, believe, fight!

Too many people that I know are just simple like a roller coaster. Two days are great then the rest of the week are depressed and confused.  Well, I know the feeling and trust me is really not the feeling that you dreamt all your life to have. Is really bad. You can't move forward with your life, either to go back in the past and you are stuck in the present. And you are sitting there, wondering : What did I do wrong? Why all this had to happen to you? What is the reason? But only time has all those answers for the questions that are just stuck in your head and you can’t “move” forward because you have to have answers to those questions. And this is how days are passing and, you, beautiful soul that you are, you are losing all the beautiful things that are passing by. You are just a shadow on the streets and the only thing that you have in your head is the questions. And you’re stuck!!!!
But happily, there are people that will be there...will be there to kick your ass. Will help you to stand up, people that will take the bandage off of your eyes and will make you see again. Now you think that that will never be possible again. That smile that you always had on your face will be just a memory. You think that things will be just simply days, nothing more nothing less and you will be just an ordinary person that once was great, had dreams, wanted to do so many things in life, but now all went away and you will never be happy.

Let me just tell you something: YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!! You can say all the reasons that you have on Earth,that is not like that, that I'm not right,but you know that YOU ARE WRONG!!!  There is that person that will kick your ass and just tell you in the face all the things that right now you don’t want to hear, because you are hurt, you are depressed and life is just unfair with you. But that person will be kicking your ass until you will wake up and will show you that there still is hope.
Hope is a feeling that makes us believe that there still is a way out and that life is not a shit that just hits us and will not go away. Hope…hope, my friend and you will see the light that will make your way bright.

Believe that you can make it, that beautiful things will happen to you because they will. Don’t you ever forget though…”Nothing happens without a reason”. Yes, you don’t see the reason that things are happening just the other way around. But don’t sit there and just search for that reason and think that after you will find it you will be just great as you were before. Trust me, that’s not going to happen. You will just waste your time searching the reasons and when you will “wake up” you realize that it was just wrong to do that. But you can’t turn back time, you can’t go back and just change it. Wish we could do that in our life at least only once. But we can’t. So believe that there still is hope no matter how bad things turned out. Believe and you will see that life will be again beautiful. Because that’s how life is, BEAUTIFUL. But only we can make it beautiful. Believe in you, believe that after all you will be just fine, you will stand up, and you will walk your way and be just great and awesome. I know is hard, you think you can’t do it, that everything fell down and there’s no way out. You believe that, but just think about what I wrote, after your ass will be kicked by someone and the bandage will fell off of your eyes :)  

Fight for your happiness. Some of us have it easily or we think they have it, but some people have to go thru tough things, get hurt, be broken hearted, be alone, lost and hopeless. Do you know what they do? FIGHT, HOPE and BELIEVE for what they want,  FIGHT, HOPE and BELIEVE to be happy, to have a great life.

My friend, don't forget about these 3 words. Imprint them in your head and believe in them with a true heart. You will see that it takes a second to feel better, to stand up on your feet, walk your way and shine again.