28 February 2012

Time will tell....

       I set down and thought about it a lot and I decided that in the present future I will not finish the story “Should have been a fairy tale”. I’m not saying that I will never finish it, but for now this is the best that can be done. Is a story that played one of the most important things in my life and now all that is left from it is a big grey box, full of disappointment, amazement, a broken heart left with 1000 of questions thinking that is never going to be better. Being right now in a good place after such “event” is destructive to go back and write about something that was beautiful and amazing, when is not there anymore.

          Right now I am happy, I have plans, thinking about my future, my dreams and believes so I do not want to go back in such sad and grey place, because I am finally fine.
Time will tell what is best to do with the story.

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