04 March 2012

Will it ever pass ?

        We fight with many things as long as we live. Either is for a small thing or for the most important thing in our life. We struggle to make it better, be great and happy not loose our self. We stick to what we love, so much that when is gone we feel like is the end of everything…feels like something has broken inside and can not be fixed.

        Time will pass and time will tell the story of our feelings, time will wash our pain away like the sea the shore in a storm. Time will always pass and heal our wounds, but the only thing that not even time is able to erase is the scar that will join us for the rest of our journey. Or can time erase that too?

         I’ve learned that “Nothing happens without a reason”,but what are the reasons of our day in day out pain, the reason of our endless tears rolling down our cheeks, or our sadness and loneliness that lays somewhere deep down in our heart and seams like it doesn’t want to “leave” us. What will make that go away? Time??? Or will be with us forever???

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