19 March 2012

Good old times and memories.

     On Friday afternoon, I received a message. When I saw who wrote to me I remained speechless. This firend of mine moved to Sibiu last year after long and “interesting” period. I didn’t see him since November of December 2011. Instead of being happy that he finally gave a sign I was stoned. Well…it was a really strange feeling. Maybe it was because we didn’t talk lately and so many things have happened and I needed him so much. But the main thing was that I missed him very much and suddenly he was again there. I know him since 2009 and we have so many memories and such great times spent together. When we met on Sunday, I realized that those few months that we stopped talking to each other from unknown reasons, were not even there because we talked to each other like we always did. It was like in good old times, when we were having so much fun together and helped each other out no matter what. He was the only person who was always there for me every single time.

 In some sort of way I got use to the fact that people come and go in our life and every person has a role in our life. I guess that this was one of the hardest lessons that I’ve learned. For me, letting go those people that play an important role in my life, is really hard and painful because I hate new things and I reach such a special connection with them that it gets really hard to let them go. So it’s really difficult when you have a bond like this and at one point everyone goes on their own way and you realize that you don’t have them around like you use to and memories are the ones that will always remain with you. But what can I say? Time passes, we grow, we go on different ways, and we change ourselves on our journey. But we change our behaviour, our diet, our hair style or hair colour, our lifestyle maybe, but we remain the same. Somewhere deep down we will be like we always have been. People don’t change, they adapt.

           I remembered this morning as I was coming to work a few things that passed and they will never come back. So many joyful and happy times spent with people that I cared so much. With this friend of mine, back in the days, I remember that we were making jokes and that we wanted to write a book with our jokes when we will have as much jokes as we need for a book. We were volunteers in a student organization so the jokes that we made where on the situations and events that happened back then. If I’m thinking back, we were having so much fun with it.  The only negative part that these jokes have is the fact that they are funny to those that were there and they know the “situation”. I found a few jokes which broth me back some really great and funny memories. I left them in the original way so sorry for those who do not know Romanian and for those who will not understand much.

       Ştii bancul cu AIESEC??

Ştii bancul cu, Călin ??
        Copy paste.

                     Ştii bancul cu, Călin ?

     Ştii bancul cu Gioni (cu “ I “ de la ţăran ) ?

      Ştii bancul cu Tamás?
     True, foarte true.
    Ştii bancul cu LCC 2?

                 Ştii bancul cu Nimrod?

  Ştii bancul cu Nimro ?
              Ştii bancul cu Claudia?

       Ştii bancul cu Victor?
Analitic, prea analitic.

        Ştii bancul cu Craciunul ?

Ştii bancul cu OCP-ul?
Gantt chart.
Ştii bancul cu Down Town?
            Ştii bancul cu Reka?
Ştii bancul cu aplicarea?

Ştii bancul cu Joco?
         Ştii bancul cu Diana Z.?
Brand violation.

          Ştii bancul cu Claudia?
         Voi afla in tranziţie.

Ştii bancul cu Cosmin?
Valorile AIESEC.

Ştii bancul cu rollcall-ul?

Ştii bancul cu Micky ?

      Ştii bancul cu FISH?

Ştii bancul cu Antonia?
Ştii bancul cu Tamás?

        Ştii bancul cu buda din Backstage?
Ştii bancul cu Claudiu?
Ştii bancul cu turmentatul?
Tări oraşe.

Ştii bancul cu INBOX?
General communication.
Ştii bancul cu LTT-ul?
Ştii bancul cu Adelina ?
Ştii bancul cu AIESEC?
Fix “peştele”.

      Ştii bancul cu Victor?
      Nu e chiar aşa de grea.

Culmea AIESEC-ului : Să devi alumni după 2 luni.

“Ajungi la o vârstă cand nu-ţi mai pasă de INBOX”.

Ştii bancul cu Victor?
O scol din morţii.

Ştii bancul cu RTS?
Fix “peştele”.

Ştii bancul cu Incze?
      Ştii bancul cu Diana Z.?
      Pune Punct carierei tale.     

                       So my dear friend, this is for you...We did not pubish a book with our jokes, but they are published. Have a great jorney and hope that we'll see each other soon. You know were to find me when you need me. I will always be here. 

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